Energy Benefits Overview

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Project Name: Administrative Energy Policy Development
Key Benefits:
  • A reduction of the Government's overall utility bill by 20% over a four year period.
  • Identification of the path toward 60% reduction in fossil fuels consumption by 2025 leading to a reduction of the carbon footprint of the Territory.
  • It was estimated that 2% of the 60% comes from large-scale solar for electric generation.
  • Another 2% was anticipated for solar energy for water heating in all sectors' buildings.
  • Small-scale solar electric will contribute 1%.
  • Wind projects will add 7% percent displacement of fossil fuels.
  • 2 Jobs were created
Project Name: Administrative Program Support
Key Benefits:
  • Grant Management and compliance rigor effected in the Process.
  • Contractual, Financial, Monitoring and Reporting through Systematic support & accuracy.
  • Onsite and Web Based Project Staff training