Social Benefits Overview

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Project Name: ARRA - Increase Services to Health Centers (East End) .
Key Benefits:
  • 309 patients received comprehensive medical consultations and access to health education services throughout this project's lifespan
Project Name: ARRA 2009 Strengthening Communities Fund
Key Benefits:
  • Several organizations that benefited from educational courses reported that they saw in increase in grant dollars and fifty-six (56) percent of program respondents reported they obtained funding from a new source subsequent to receiving assistance from the ARRA Strengthening Communities Fund.
  • Twenty (20) vendors were connected to the ARRA Strengthening Communities Fund; thus promoting economic prosperity throughout the Territory using ARRA funding
  • Grantees also "Spread the competence" achieved through these trainings by making training materials, webinars, and other educational information available on their websites for entities that had not participated in the trainings.